Positive report for local facility

The latest Health Information and Quality Authority’s (HIQA) latest inspection report for Buncrana Community Hospital has been resoundingly positive.

The local facility was visited by HIQA inspectors in an announced visit on May 18, during which there were 28 residents and two vacancies.

The visit was undertaken in response to an application to HIQA to renew registration at the hospital. The report notes how, while there, they spoke with residents, relatives and members of staff, who returned questionaires to the authority.

These indicated a “high level of satisfaction” with the service and in particular, the dedication and commitment of staff to providing good standards of care.

The hospital was monitored on 18 outcomes. They were ‘substantially compliant’ in Suitable Staffing and compliant with nine outcomes: Statement of Purpose, Information for Residents, Suitable person in Charge, Absence of the Person in Charge, Safeguarding and Safety, Notification of Incidents, Complaints Procedure and End of Life Care. There moderate non-compliances in Governance and Management, Documentation to be kept in a designated centre, Health and Safety and Risk Management, Health and Social Care Needs and Residents Clothing, Personal Property and Possessions. There were two minor non-compliances with medication management and food and Nutrition. There was one major non compliance in Safer and Suitable Premises. This was in relation to the bedrooms not meeting regulatory requirements and standards and which impacted on theprivacy and dignity of residents.

However, it was noted how the provider had met with the authority to meet discuss renovations to meet the standards but funding for this has not yet been confirmed.

In its action plan, the hospital outlined how detailed plans have been drawn up and submitted to H.I.Q.A. in June 2015 detailing refurbishment of the hospital.

In the plan, the hospital also outlined how it intends to address any non-compliances.The report notes how the centre was “clean, warm, homely and well organised” and there was adquate staffing with a health and safety policy that covered all general risks, as well as a comprehensive medication management policy. Read the full report at www.hiqa.ie/social-care/find-a-centre/inspection-reports