Power issue at hospital affects patient data

Altnagelvin Hospital.
Altnagelvin Hospital.

Patients’ hospital records were affected by a power issue at the data centre in Altnagelvin Hospital last month.

The incident took place on Ocotber 18 but a spokesperson for the Western Health and Social Care Trust (WHSCT) told the ‘Journal’ that they do not regard what happened “as a data loss”.

“On October 18, 2015 the WHSCT experienced power issues in its data centre at Altnagelvin,” a spokesperson said.

“No data was lost in that all data had either been processed or was re-entered from manual records.”

The spokesperson added: “The WHSCT has carried out an extensive data verification process where all parties who had been making referrals have been requested to verify that their data has been processed, this includes any external organisations such as GP practices.

“At this stage the Trust is not viewing this as a data loss.”