Presidency ‘not on the radar’ for Dana

Derry singer Dana who has announced she will not be running for President.
Derry singer Dana who has announced she will not be running for President.

A spokesperson for Derry singer, Dana Rosemary Scanlon, has announced that she will not be standing for the Irish Presidency in the upcoming election.

The former MEP says she has received up to 10,000 telephone calls and letters urging her to stand for President but says the idea of running in the election is “not on the radar.”

The Eurovision winner stood as an Independent candidate in the 1997 Presidential election where she polled more 175,000 first preference votes but ultimatelty finished third behind current president Mary McAleese and Fine Gael candidate Mary Banotti.

Two years later she ran for the European Parliamentary elections, again as an Independent, on a strong family values and anti-abortion ticket in the Connactht-Ulster consituency. She gained the third and final seat in the constituency which she held until 2004.

In 2002 she contested the Galway West seat in the Irish General Election where, despite approaches made by Fianna Fáil, she remained Independent. She lost and was only able to secure 3.5% of the vote.

Although Dana won’t be running this time several other Independents have thrown their hat in the ring including Senator David Norris and ex-Fianna Fáil member Mary Davis.

Dana is currently working in America, where she has had a sucessful career on the Christian music scene since the 1980s.