PSNI ‘aware’ of car park issue

Smyth's Car Park on Strand Road, Derry. DER4614MC010
Smyth's Car Park on Strand Road, Derry. DER4614MC010

Police in Derry have told the ‘Sunday Journal’ they have “operations planned for the future” for addressing the issue of motorists using a car park on the Strand Road late at night and in the early hours of the morning.

Earlier this week, the ‘Journal’ highlighted the concerns of a Strand Road resident who claimed he was at his wits end with ‘little boy racers’ using a nearby car park as a place to congregate.

In an interview with the ‘Sunday Journal’, PSNI Inspector, Steve Haslett of the Road Policing Unit, told the paper that police in Derry are aware of the issue and plans are in place to address what is going on.

“Police are aware of issues at Strand Road. We are continuing to focus on the area and have a number of operations planned for the future,” he revealed.

“We are also working with the local community and we would urge people to report any problems so that they can be followed up.

“Police also take part in events with young car enthusiasts to guide them on safe and responsible ownership,” he added.

Local SDLP councillor for the area, Shauna Cusack, said although a barrier would help to solve the issue she said it was “not viable at this stage”.

“It’s always disappointing to hear that anyone’s peace and quality of life is being disrupted. I have met with the PSNI and representatives of all sides both in office, at an engagement event and on doorsteps. I have also set up a Facebook page which allows everyone involved to communicate openly.

“While the response from the majority of the users has been co-operative and mature we all acknowledge there is a small element who are demonising the rest by their bad behaviour. While a physical barrier is logistically not viable at this stage, the only real solution to this issue is education and an awareness of civic respect and social responsibility.”