PSNI “aware” of comments made by Carr

Jimmy Carr.
Jimmy Carr.

The PSNI is aware of comments made by Jimmy Carr in a Sunday newspaper about illegal vigilante group, Republican Action Against Drugs (RAAD).

Mr. Carr, who officially tendered his resignation from Derry City Council (DCC) and the SDLP on Sunday, is reported to have claimed if RAAD intended to carry out an attack he “would know before anyone else”.

Mr. Carr is also reported to have used his official DCC email address to send pictures of his penis to an undercover reporter.

Last month, The Derry Journal quizzed Mr. Carr about such images and he denied any involvement.

“That’s just disgusting. The people who are making these things up about me are just sick.

“I swear on the life of my 11 month old child I would never do something like that - I am in shock.”

When contacted by The Derry Journal late yesterday evening a DCC spokesperson said they had received a letter from Mr. Carr.

“DCC has received correspondence from Councillor Carr earlier today. The correspondence is marked for the attention of the Town Clerk and Chief Executive Officer who is expected to return to the offices tomorrow.”

It is believed that the SDLP will move to co-opt a party reprsentative on to the seat Mr. Carr has vacated. Mr. Carr had less than a year to serve as a DCC councillor.

“Following the resignation of Councillor Carr from Derry City Council there is now a vacancy for the Shantallow District Electoral Area. The party is now engaged in a process aimed at filling that vacancy as expeditiously as possible,” a party spokesperson said yesterday evening.