PSNI patrols to increase on Strand Road after online video

Police in Derry are stepping up patrols of the Strand Road area after a video, appearing to show a car being driven recklessly up and down the Strand Road, was shared online last week.

Sergeant Ray Wilson told the ‘Journall’ the PSNI is determined to take robust action against anyone found to be engaging in this type of activity.

An image taken from the video that appears to show a car being driven recklessly up and down the Strand Road.

An image taken from the video that appears to show a car being driven recklessly up and down the Strand Road.

“Police are proactively targeting the ongoing issue of anti-social and dangerous driving in the vicinity of Strand Road and surrounding areas. We are increasing patrols in the areas to help combat this problem and bring those responsible before the courts,” said Sergeant Wilson.

“As well as causing a nuisance to other road users and local residents, those involved are creating a danger for themselves.

The investigation into the incident on the Strand Road last week is ongoing.

Sergeant Wilson urged drivers to be aware of the lasting effects a driving conviction could have on their futures.

“We understand the detrimental effect this behaviour has on others and our message is that bad driving standards will not be tolerated. These drivers should realise that if they are taken to court, their licences may be at risk and the loss of a licence could impact on their entire futures.

“We want these motorists also to realise the dangers they are causing to themselves, other road users and pedestrians. The last thing police want is to be knocking on doors of relatives following a fatal crash caused by someone showing off in a car.”

If anyone has any concerns regarding anti-social driving, contact Police on the 101 number. Or if someone would prefer to provide information without giving their details they can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers and speak to them anonymously on 0800 555 111

Local SDLP Councillor, Shauna Cusack, said whilst the responsibility lay with the PSNI to investigate any criminal offences it was up to the public to provide the PSNI with registration numbers of any cars thought to be involved in reckless or dangerous driving.

“Personally I have provided the PSNI with a report detailing what action is required to deal with the issues in this area. I have requested that council install CCTV at this junction which will be monitored 24/7. This is currently being costed and will be presented for Council approvals hopefully early this year.

“By its nature this an issue the PSNI cannot deal with alone, they need the help of the public in reporting and forwarding information, particularly registration numbers,” said Colr. Cusack.