Pub with no beer reunion

If you recognise this 80s icon then you should go along to the Pub With No Beer reunion.
If you recognise this 80s icon then you should go along to the Pub With No Beer reunion.
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It’s time to get your leg warmers out of storage, find that old ‘Frankie Says Relax’ t-shirt you have hidden in the back of the wardrobe and practice your Bros jumps - because party goers in Derry are getting a chance to relive the best of the 80s with a special Pub With No Beer reunion - all in aid of Autism charity the Jigsaw Project.

The Pub With No Beer was the in place to go for underage party goers in the 80s and early 90s - held in different venues throughout the city including on the Strand Road, at The Guildhall at The Venue.

Now the decision has been made to bring it back for one night only at the Delacroix on April 27- and all in a good cause. And those 80s teenyboppers who have since grown up will be delighted to know that on this occasion the Pub With No Beer will be selling beer - and other more “grown up” drinks.

Tickets for the night, which cost £10 are available from a number of locations throughout the city. They are available from Sweet Memories (behind the Walls) - where you will get a quarter of your favourite childhood sweets with each ticket - and also from Racecourse Stores, Jim Barr’s Shop, Carnhill, Gill’s Spar on Park Avenue, and also directly from the Delacroix.

All proceeds from the night are going to the Jigsaw Project - a group which workings with families of children aged 8 and upwards who are on the Autistic spectrum.

DJ’s on the night are Conka and DJ Don and the regular DJ from back in the 80’s said he hopes to make a guest appearance. Dressing up in the 80s style is optional - and all attendees are advised that there will be a slow set!