Public show of support for Foyle Search and Rescue

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Foyle Search and Rescue have seen a significant rise in numbers of people looking to join the charity.

The rise in people looking to volunteer has been attributed to the poignant BBC NI documentary aired last week.

The documentary was followed by an outpouring of support for Foyle Search and Rescue on social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Paddy Wilson of Foyle Search and Rescue said that since the documentary the reaction of the public has been “overwhelming”.

“We’ve had 60 people looking to volunteer since Monday”, Paddy explained. “We’ve also had £2000 donated and for us every little helps.

“The public’s reaction has been brilliant, it really has.

“Hopefully we can push on from here. The documentary is still on the iPlayer for people to watch and hopefully volunteer.”

Recent headlines about Derry have portrayed the city in a negative way, however Paddy believes that the documentary has helped to show Derry in a positive light.

“It’s a positive thing for Derry, especially highlighting the work that goes into fighting suicide in the city.”

The charity also took to their Facebook page to thank the Director Des Henderson, saying: “A big thank you for your professional vision and for putting together a very sensitive documentary in a subject that can be a painful and a sad experience.”