Public urged to come out in force to Guildhall Square rally

The North West’s public is being urged to join a protest against the sidelining of Derry’s cancer centre tomorrow.

The People Before Profit Alliance (PBPA) has called for the trade union rally against general cuts in Derry to be transformed into a protest against the cancellation of the Altnagelvin radiotherapy unit.

In a statement, the PBPA said: “A rally against cuts which didn’t have its main focus on the radiotherapy unit would be evading the issue.

“Local people’s lives are being put at risk. ”

The protest will follow a rally by number of community organisations outside Altnagelvin Hospital on Wednesday.

The Guildhall Square rally, organised by Derry Trades Council, was organised to coincide with a huge anti-cuts march in London organised by the TUC.

There will also be demonstrations in other cities, including Belfast.

“In the north west, the issue of the radiotherapy unit looms over everything now.

“This should be a demonstration to specifically demand a reversal of Minister McGimpsey’s decision.

“We urge trades unionists and others to turn out in numbers to show their support.”

The PBPA has also called on supporters of all other parties to join in the public protest.

“Saturday provides us with a starting point.

“This should be as broad a campaign as possible, involving unions, political parties, community organisations, groups like the Well Woman Centre and the Pink Ladies and others.”

The group has also alleged that Minister McGimpsey may have seen Derry as a suitable place for a savage cut, since Foyle “is one of the two constituencies where his party has no hope of a seat”.