PUP’s Billy Hutchinson to talk to Derry young people

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Former UVF prisoner and assembly member Billy Hutchinson will visit Derry this month as part of a groundbreaking project aimed at educating young people about the key themes of the peace process.

The prominent loyalist negotiator will visit the Lincoln Courts Community Centre on June 18 where he’ll speak to young people as part of the ‘Your Process or Mine’ project.

Project Officer Mickey Cooper believes the event will be an eye-opener for local young people and members of the public.

“Whether you’re a student of the peace process or just a casual observer you will undoubtedly be interested in Billy Hutchinson discussing the key themes and chronology of the peace process from a loyalist perspective,” he says.

“The ‘Your Process or Mine’ project aims to educate young people from both loyalist and republican areas about the need for the peace process and the key themes that needed to be addressed to ensure that the process was successful from both a loyalist and republican perspective.

“As part of the project Mitchel McLaughlin has already delivered a keynote talk in the Gasyard Centre on the main issues and events of the process from a republican perspective.

“On June 18 Billy Hutchinson, a key negotiator on the loyalist side, will provide his analysis of the events of the last twenty years and where we are at this present time with regard to the process. The event will be of interest to anybody who has even a casual interest in how the peace process has developed and will also educate the young people involved in the project about the absolute necessity for the peace process,” he added,

The event is free of charge and is open to all members of the public. It begins at 7.30pm on Friday June 18 at Lincoln Courts Community centre with free refreshments also available. For further information contact Mickey Cooper on 07743175709 or derrybluebadgeguide@hotmail.com