RAAD lifts its death threat on Waterside man

A man exiled from Derry under a death threat from vigilante group, Republican Action Against Drugs, has returned to his Waterside home after successful negotiations via a Rosemount community group.

Gary Smith was one of two men who were forced into exile by RAAD almost four months ago.

The other man was Daniel Allen, the brother of RAAD murder victim Andrew. Daniel Allen was allowed to return home last month.

Mediation has been ongoing between the Smith family and dissident republicans for some weeks via intermediaries, Time2Choose.

The ‘early intervention and mediation project’, based at Rosemount Resource Centre, confirmed Mr. Smith returned home late on Wednesday evening.

The Rosemount group released a statement on behalf of Mr. Smith yesterday in which he said: “I simply wish to resume a normal life and to take care of my family.”