Rainbow at the end of an horrific ordeal for Gypsy as she finds a new home

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A cat with the worst case of ring worm ever seen by veteran animal welfare workers in the North West has secured a new home.

Staff at Rainbow Rehoming Centre in Eglinton said that they are delighted that Gypsy has been given a second chance in life following her ordeal.

The young ginger and white cat was so infected with ring worm that she had scratched the fur off her head, and was bleeding from soars around her ears.

Gypsy arrived at the Rainbow Centre last Friday after her owner contacted volunteers at the charity and said she could no longer care for her.

Staff said they were shocked at the one-year-old’s condition when she was brought in to the centre.

Rainbow founder Helen Davies said: “I have never seen anything like it, Her head was all scabs and the inside her ears and outside of her ears were all scabs. She was scratching her skin raw and the blood was running inside her ears and driving her mad.

“The vet said he had never seen worse.”

Gypsy is currently being held in an isolation unit because of the highly infectious nature of ring worm.

Staff said they were delighted that one kind lady volunteered to pay for Gypsy’s treatment.

Anna Hyndman from the centre said the woman had rung into the vets and paid the bill, which amounted to over £100.

And that was not the only piece of good news for Gypsy.

Caroline McGrory, one of the managers at Rainbow, said: “Gypsy now has a new home and it is a great home. I know the lady she is going to and she loves animals and she will now land in heaven at this fantastic home after all she has been through.”

She added that it will be several weeks before Gypsy finishes treatment and gets to go to her new home.