Rainbow Rehoming Centre in urgent plea for support

Fraggle, one of the many animals who are being cared for by the Rainbow Rehoming Centre.
Fraggle, one of the many animals who are being cared for by the Rainbow Rehoming Centre.
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The Rainbow Rehoming Centre in Eglinton has issued an urgent appeal to general public to help it cope with spiralling vet costs.

The centre, which helps hundreds of animals find their forever homes each year, usually pays around £3,000 a month in vet bills.

However a recent sharp upsurge in the number of animals arriving at the centre needing urgent medical care has seen this month’s vet bills more than double.

Caroline McGrory, centre manager, said that while the centre receives no central funding and relies entirely on donations from the general public it does not often issue such an urgent appeal,

However she said the centre was experiencing a “very bad run” at the moment with the number of animals who need significant care - some of which have been due to ill treatment.

“We are lucky that we have a very loyal following but we know that people are under pressure so we don’t usually ask publicly for money - however our vet bills are now £3,400 more than they would normally be for the month.”

Just this week the centre took in Fraggle , a dog, who was found in bog land in an extremely distressed state, with severe damage to his leg which required amputation.

In the last seven days alone the centre has dealt with Aurelia the kitten, who had to have her both her tail and leg amputated; Connie the kitten had to have her eye remove; Rizzolli and Isles - two little kittens (brothers) who were found living stray partially sighted. Both had to visit the an eye specialist who diagnosed them with a rare eye condition, they are currently receiving treatment and will need future operations (their operations costs have not been included in these bills).

“We are under extra pressure but we will never leave an animal in distress. It is heartbreaking to see animals come in so injured or unwell - but we will always do what we can to help.”