Ramsey ‘angered and infuriated by criminals’

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Derry MLA Mr. Pat Ramsey says he was “angered and infuriated” by the “criminals” responsible for transporting four armed and primed mortar bombs through a residential area on Sunday night.

Speaking to the ‘Journal’ yesterday Mr. Ramsey said: “I am very, very angry as there are a lot of elderly residents and those of an older demographic, many with complex health needs, who had to be evacuated as a result of this incident. When are people going to learn that these actions are totally unnecessary? In fact, they are an absolute disgrace.”

Mr. Ramsey and his party colleagues Sean and Jimmy Carr attended the scene. They were among those who assisted the residents forced from their homes due to the imminent danger posed by the explosive devices.

Mr Ramsey said: “The people of Derry are suffering yet again at the hands of these criminals. Those responsible are bringing nothing but distress and disruption to the people of this city. This discovery by the PSNI reminds us of those who would recklessly endanger lives.

“I cannot state it any stronger or clearer: The people of Derry do not want this and those behind it need to stop. I am calling on anyone with information to come forward and assist police with their ongoing investigations.”

Praising the actions of the PSNI who halted the attack Mr. Ramsey said: “The PSNI must be given the time to ascertain the facts of the case and justice will run its course.”

PSNI officers who sealed off the scene had come under attack from petrol bombs. Councillor Jimmy Carr, who witnessed the attack, said: “The petrol bombs were thrown by young teenagers, 13 or 14 years-old. I would ask questions of their parents; Who allows children to go to a police cordon where explosives are present?”