Ramsey defends Derry teens

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A Foyle MLA spoke out in defence of young people from the city attending the controversial DJ Hardwell concert at the Odyssey Arena on Thursday.

Pat Ramsey said that while a major incident - which saw a number of young people hospitalised from the effects of drugs and alcohol- was “extremely concerning,” that not everyone who attended the event deserved to be cast in a bad light.

The Foyle MLA said he has been contacted by parents on Friday whose children were at the DJ Hardwell gig.

He said: “Parents are saying something needs to be said about the young people who were at the gig and who behaved responsibly.

“I think it’s really important to note several thousand people, from many parts across the North, went to the concert and caused no offence; didn’t take alcohol or drugs. From what I’m aware, many young people travelled by bus and had their bags searched and any liquid, including water, was confiscated.”

He added: “I think it’s really important we don’t tarnish all young people with what happened that night. That’s not fair. I would also like to praise the emergency services who attended the incident and helped those who were in need.”