Ramsey urges co-operation with census

SDLP Foyle MLA Pat Ramsey has urged Derry people to take part in the upcoming census.

Mr Ramsey said the census was important for a number of socio-economic reasons and urged everybody to maximize their input into it.

He said: “The census is once every ten years and it’s very important that everybody takes part and gives as much information as possible. It’s not just about calculating the overall population but informs on a number of socio-economic issues that can be reflected in government policy.

“For example, it will inform policy and funding decisions, and support delivery and evaluation work across housing, education, health, transport and emergency services.

“The census provides a base for population and housing projections, which are required for planning and decision making for front line services between censuses, whilst identifying and targeting areas of need and disadvantage.

“I can assure people that the census is totally confidential.”