Random acts of love at Surestart

Workers and volunteers from SureStart Edenballymore are planning to spread love and kindness in the City this month as part of a Random Acts of Love campaign.

With funding from the Big Lottery’s Culture for All Programme, the campaign will take to the streets in the Triax area, spreading the message that to grow and develop all you need is love and this is particularly true for babies and children.

Deirdre McDaid, Manager of SureStart Edenballymore said: “SureStart work with families who have young children and we know that love is essential to brain development in the early years of life, particularly to the development of our social and emotional brain systems.

“The Random Acts of Love Campaign is about sharing how happiness & love are good for brains as acts of love & kindness release endorphins and oxytocin.

“We believe that people should practice love and kindness everyday but on 31 Random Acts of Love day - we hope to go beyond this and make others feel special, even if only for a moment.

“We’ll have workers carrying out a whole range of random acts throughout the area from hosting play sessions for children in parks, holding doors open at community centres to knocking on resident’s doors with some treats and smiles and delivering thank you baskets to people who serve the community!

Organisers are hoping individuals who carry out a random act of love will post it on SureStart Edenballymore’s Facebook page. Contact Surestart on 71371670.