REACH Across seek new members

REACH Across youth group are currently recruiting up to 200 new members ahead of their summer programme. The group have planned a number of for residential activity weekends in April.

The cost to members for a residential is £30 and this covers accommodation, food, activities and transport.

Following residential retreats, members can take part in a range of activities, such as guitar skills, drama and dance lessons, DJ skills, basic first aid, canoeing and catering skills among other courses. An International Fund for Ireland funded schools project saw REACH Across staff offer accredited training in the community. In addition to that scores of young people use the charity’s youth drop in services at their headquarters in The Diamond.

Barney McGuigan, Reach Across project manager said: “These young people are using the premises for the right reasons, they are mixing with people from across the city and undertaking a number of personal development projects.”

The city centre premises are open after school Monday to Thursday but the core project is hosted on Thursday evenings when up to 150 people use the facilities.

Mr. McGuigan said: “We have an average of 92 young people who would use the centre regularly.

“The question is where would these young people be if it wasn’t for us? How many of them would be up the Walls doing who knows what? We offer positive alternative and developmental opportunities which help expand both the skill and experience base of the young people.”

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