Real IRA ‘expel’ four men from Curryneirin

The Real IRA has said it has “expelled” four people from the Curryneirin area of Derry this week.

The dissident republican paramilitary group said it ordered the four people - all men - from the estate on Tuesday.

In a call to the ‘Journal,’ using a recognised code word, a caller claiming to represent the Real IRA said the men had been expelled and made specific accusations against them.

The spokesperson also said the Real IRA would be “monitoring the situation” and added the group have a “list of further” people who will be monitored.

It is understood the four men - three of whom are believed to be aged in their 20s and one in his 50s - have now left the area.

The threat has been condemned by a spokesperson for the Curryneirin Development Organisation who said that violence or threats will not solve problems in the area.

“Our association’s position on this is straightforward. We do not believe that violence, or the threat of violence is the solution to social problems. We believe that properly resourced community and statutory programmes, parenting and youth support, economic improvements, improved educational opportunities, greater community participation, proper policing and sentencing all need to be co-ordinated to tackle the disintegration of our society which breeds the situation in which communities such as ours find themselves,” the spokesperson said.

The community group also said it is prepared to get involved in negotiations to have the threats lifted .

“As a first step in this direction we have spoken to community groups and individuals in the city and sought their assistance to initiate a process towards this end. At the moment the feedback we have received is that at least two groups, the Real IRA and RAAD, are responsible for the threats. They have indicated that they are monitoring the situation and will respond as they see fit,” he said.