Reality bites with Freya’s first book

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The great 19th century American writer Nathanial Hawthorne once said that easy reading was “damn hard writing.” Hawthorne’s writing looked at the darker side of humanity, he wrote phenomonally well, and his work remains insightful and hugely gripping, a century after his death.

To say that something is easy reading, isn’t doing it an injustice. It doesn’t put it in the same box as the musical equivalent with banal tracks confined to lifts and shopping centres.

Material that’s easy to read grabs you. It pulls you right in and before you know it, you find yourself in the thick of it. The debut publication from BBC journalist Freya McClements, is one such work. In her prologue, writer Felicity McCall describes ‘The Dangerous Edge of Things’ as a collection which will stay with the reader and even haunt them. She sums up perfectly by saying the series of short stories will leave the reader wanting more. That, surely, is everything the writer can hope for,

McClements’ characters and their individual dilemmas are thought provoking. The stories are intoxicating and brave. The Derry based author hasn’t gone into her debut offering half-hearted. There’s an honest commitment here to write with frankness, edginess and full exposure of all our human frailties.

Reality bites in stories like ‘Happily Ever After’ and ‘Book Lovers’ - and you better be ready for it.

Currently working on her debut novel, the former ‘Derry Journal’ reporter has certainly made her mark with this punching first outing,

The publication is currently available via Guildhall Press and in local bookshops priced £5.95, see for more details. See page 22-23 of today’s Sunday Journal for photographic coverage of the book’s official launch at Derry’s Central Library.