Regeneration impact survey

Derry's urban regeneration company has launched a survey to examine the potential impact of the city's draft regeneration plan on citizens.

On behalf of the Strategy Board, Ilex has announced the publication of an Equality Impact Assessment Report (EQIA), in line with the city's ongoing commitment to mainstreaming equality.

The EQIA is designed to evaluate in detail the potential impact of the regeneration themes on Section 75 groups.

Section 75 identifies nine key groups including people with different religious belief, people of political opinion, people of different race, ages, marital status, sexual orientation, men and women generally, people with a disability and people without and people with dependants and people without.

Highlighting the importance of the EQIA, the Mayor, Councillor Colum Eastwood, said: "The EQIA document reviews in substantial detail each of the five themes proposed in the draft regeneration plan.

"It considers how the themes might impact on the Section 75 groups and those most disadvantaged in our community.

"Not only does it examine the draft regeneration plan for adverse impact, it goes much further in considering whether or not there are positive impacts across disadvantaged groups or individuals."

Chairman of Ilex, Sir Roy McNulty, said: "The EQIA is the third and final part of the regeneration planning process. Throughout the consultation period Ilex has pioneered innovative methods including the commissioning of the first-ever econometric model at ward level containing an equality component; a city-wide survey undertaken by the people of the city examining all aspects of life in Derry-Londonderry; and now the integration of these ground-breaking methods within this comprehensive EQIA.

"In so doing, we are ensuring that impacts, positive and negative, are evaluated and we are demonstrating best practice in line with Equality Commission guidelines".

The public consultation period on the EQIA remains open until February 28 next year. Copies of the EQIA (172 pages) can be downloaded from Queries about the EQIA should be addressed to Ilex, tel. 028 7126 9226.