Reilly welcomes ‘public carriageway’ progress for Waterside residents

SDLP Councillor Martin Reilly.
SDLP Councillor Martin Reilly.

SDLP Derry City Councillor Martin Reilly has welcomed action from Transport NI on progressing remedial works in the Sevenoaks, Victoria Gate and Copperthorpe areas of the Waterside which will see homes connected to the public carriageway.

Cllr Reilly said: “Many constituents have contacted me frustrated at the length of time taken for the private streets outside their homes becoming fully connected to the public carriageway – and therefore enjoy all of the benefits that this would bring.

“Earlier this year, Transport NI presented us with their proposals for work across our Council area. I contacted Transport NI seeking an update on their efforts to improve the conditions for those residents living in the Sevenoaks, Victoria Gate and Copperthorpe areas of the Waterside.

“In the Sevenoaks area all enforcement completion works have now been completed and the final adoption is in progress.

“As for Victoria Gate, Transport NI’s contractor has commenced works and this is nearing completion.

“However, delays in phases I & II at Copperthorpe are as a result of Transport NI currently awaiting a defects list and updated cost estimate from NI Water prior to progressing towards formal enforcement action. In their correspondence to me they have said that the cost of repair or replacement of the large diameter storm sewer through the development is the major cost in the enforcement works for this private street and far exceeds the values of the bonds held.

“In previous representations to the Minister for Regional Development I raised the need for the department to better ensure that an adequate bond is put in place to cover the cost of this remedial action should the developer not be able to complete the works for any reason. It is important we protect the public purse from such circumstances.

“I am sure that those living in these three areas of the Waterside will welcome this progress for their neighbourhoods – and I will also continue to work with Transport NI to see progress on other backlog sites across the district.”