Relief after ‘traffic hazard’ created by tarring of North West border crossing rectified

Traffic news
Traffic news

The removal of vital road markings that had been creating a ‘major traffic hazard’ on a busy border crossing in the North West has now been rectified, according to a local MLA.

Tarring works had resulted in the temporary removal of markings on the Lifford Road in Strabane, according to Sinn Féin West Tyrone MLA Michaela Boyle.

However, Ms. Boyle has now welcomed the reinstatement of right turning indicators on the thoroughfare.

She said she had contacted the Department of Infrastructure to highlight the danger.

“There were problems with the surface left following re-tarring scheme itself but thankfully these were rectified following representations,” she said.

“However, the continued delay in re-instating clear roads markings on the Lifford Road was creating major traffic hazard problems not least for motorist trying to access and exit local businesses along the road and I had been lobbying to have this issue addressed urgently.

“I now welcome confirmation I have now received from the local Section Office that the road markings have now been reinstated on the centre lane of the recently resurfaced portion of Lifford Road to provide right turning facilities to the adjoining businesses.

“This should encourage all motorists to use the road layout safely.”