Remembrances - A New Play by Jonathan Burgess

Remembrance at Strabane's Alley Theatre. (2001JC9)
Remembrance at Strabane's Alley Theatre. (2001JC9)

The Alley Theatre and Ballybofey’s Balor DCA, supported by IFI (International Fund for Ireland), are pleased to announce a joint partnership to remember our shared past.

On Friday, February 18, at 8pm ‘Remembrances’ a new play by Jonathan Burgess and directed by Kieran Quinn, will take to the stage at the Alley Theatre, Strabane, followed by a performance in the Balor Arts Centre on Friday, February 24, at 8.30pm.

This production will then tour schools and community groups throughout the North West.

Remembrance Sunday, 1938. In a bar in Donegal four men gather. All have their own reasons. All have their own story.

As Europe stands on the brink of a potential second ‘Great War’ in 25 years, the fires of old conflicts, both foreign and domestic, are still burning. What was promised? What was achieved? What was won? What was sacrificed? This day will answer some of those questions, but may also create others.

‘Remembrances’ seeks to look at the lasting legacy of the First World War in Ireland North and South, and the civil unrest that went before and followed this seismic on the world stage.

Written by Jonathan Burgess, author of ‘The Exodus’, as well as ‘Far Off Fields’ and ‘The Parting.’

Admission is free. To book tickets contact the Alley Theatre Box Office on: 71. 384444 or online: