Removal of Irish option from newer ATMs blasted by Sinn Féin councillor and gaeilgeoir Kevin Campbell

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Sinn Féin councillor and gaeilgeoir Kevin Campbell has expressed disappointment over the phasing out of an Irish language option from Bank of Ireland ATMs that’s been ongoing for the past seven years.

The bank has confirmed that its newer lodgement and withdrawal machines, which have been replacing older ATMs since 2010, do not have an Irish option.

However, the bank says shop-based ATMs will continue to be available with an interface as Gaeilge.

Colr. Campbell complained: “Bank of Ireland have been unique in making an effort to simply facilitate the Irish language with the provision of ATMs with an Irish option. This cost little, if anything, and met the needs of thousands of customers and allowed the bank to show that it values a key element of our identity.

“However, in a very disappointing move it seems that the Bank is rowing back on this small but valued option. “There is a serious lack of consideration regarding the Irish language and Irish language rights amongst the private sector which is unacceptable.”