Report into fatal 1988 bomb out next week

A report into a bomb in Derry in 1988 in which three people lost their lives is to be released next week.

The report will present the findings of a Police Ombudsman’s probe into events surrounding an explosion at 38 Kildrum Gardens on August 31, 1988 - an incident that has become known as the ‘Good Samaritans’ bombing.

Father-of-six Sean Dalton (55) and widow Sheila Lewis (60) died in the blast while Gerard Curran died from his injuries the following year. The trio had been trying to enter the flat of a neighbour who hadn’t been seen in six days when they triggered a booby trap bomb left by the IRA, who had kidnapped the man.

A new probe was opened following a complaint over how police dealt with the incident at the time. It has been said that the RUC could have done more to prevent the deaths.

Mr Dalton’s family claimed police had been negligent in allowing civilians to approach the flat.