Republican memorial ‘used as toilet’


Teen boozers are using a monument erected to the memory of Derry republicans as a public toilet.

At the weekend, dozens of young people gathered at the monument - which overlooks Lecky Road - to drink until the early hours.

A spokesperson for the Bogside and Brandywell Republican Monument Committee has appealed for people to respect the confines of the monument.

He said: “We had a number of complaints over the weekend that a minority of young people were using the area around the monument as a toilet and leaving an awful mess of broken bottles and cans on the walkways leading to it.

“We would like to make an urgent appeal for those who congregate in the area late at night to respect the confines of the monument.

“Whilst the vast majority do and there has never been any problems, sadly there is a very, very small number who quite clearly don’t.

“The cans and bottles can be cleaned up but people are really annoyed about the total disrespect shown towards the monument which has been fundraised for and built by the republican community of Derry in memory of local people who have sacrificed everything in the cause of Irish freedom.”

In recent months, hundreds of people have attended a number of commemorations at the monument to mark the 40th anniversaries of the deaths of John Starrs, Colm Keenan, Eugene McGillan and Gerard Donaghey.