Republicans must use Brexit to damage England, commemoration told

The main speaker at the Derry 1916 Commemoration Committee parade in Derry, Stephen Murney of Saoradh, has said Brexit should be used by republicans to weaken the union between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Monday, 2nd April 2018, 10:00 pm
Updated Monday, 2nd April 2018, 10:10 pm

Mr. Murney reaffirmed the group's anti-European Union stance while repeating the historic republican position of "England's difficulty being Ireland's opportunity".

"Today Brexit is something that is often mentioned and talked about. Comrades, England's difficulty is Ireland's opportunity," he told participants in the commemoration in the City Cemetery.

"If Brexit can weaken and damage the union, then as republican revolutionaries it is our duty to take advantage of it.

"We the Irish people are best served by independence and to be in control of our own destiny. Irish affairs need to be free from the interference of London and Brussels," he said.

Mr. Murney also refused to condemn those who have used political violence to achieve their objectives in the past.

"The 1916 rising was a bloody and fierce attempt to end British occupation. It was a violent and vicious example of armed insurrection," he said.

"A small minority of unashamed rebels taking on the might of the British empire and holding them off for a week.

"This was unthinkable at the time. This was armed struggle at its finest.

"Others try to downplay those facts. Those same people are also those who are remorseful and apologetic for the actions of republicans. They don't speak on our behalf.

"Republicans have nothing to regret or show remorse for. We are sorry about nothing," he added.