Resident calls for repair of Derry’s worst footpath

Gary McClean ourside his Top of the Hill home.  (2402JB45)
Gary McClean ourside his Top of the Hill home. (2402JB45)

A Waterside man says the condition of the dilapidated footpath outside his home is the “worst in the city”.

Gary McClean of Mountain View in the Gobnascale area now wants a complete overhaul of the rundown walkway.

He told the ‘Journal’ that he contacted the Department of the Environment’s Road Service about the state of the thoroughfare several times over the past ten years.

He said that recently he was given an assurance that the footpath will be “completely replaced”.

“This is the original footpath and the houses here were built in the 1940s. It has got to be the worst footpath in the city. It would not be accepted in the university area of the city at Rock Road or Lawrence Hill so I don’t see why we have to accept it. If it not good enough for other areas then it is not good enough in out area.”

He added: “The DOE have continually sent groups to do minor repairs but the footpath, which is raised in places and covered in weeds, continues to break away.

“Now I’ve been assured that come the new financial year the footpaths will all be completely replaced including the one in Mountain View cul-de-sac.”