Residents at ‘wits’ end’ over flooding

The Lios na Greine estate in Burnfoot.
The Lios na Greine estate in Burnfoot.

A flooding issue at two Burnfoot housing estates has been called “inhumane,” with residents at their “wit’s end.”

The Pairc and Grianan and Lios na Greine estates in Burnfoot have been badly flooded in recent times and one county councillor has now stated the houses should never have been built on the land they’re on in the first place.

Councillor John Ryan said the land “was flooded when no houses were there and now we have a number of homes in the middle of it.”

“People are living in fear for their houses,” he said, pointing out how water ‘backs up’ near the homes and can’t “get away.”

He added that residents are at their “wit’s end” and a treatment plant is “adding to their pain” as it is being “washed out into the water which is then flowing into the residents’ back yards.”

Colr Ryan said there was previously a solution on the table in relation to the treatment plant and said if the Council could “at least” deal with this then “at least we wouldn’t have sewerage washed up into people’s houses.”

Colr Jack Murray agreed, confirming that residents were not eligible for contents’ insurance because of the flooding issue.

He added that “year on year,” the residents are “fearing the worst” and stated it was “an inhumane way to live.”

Colr Murray praised Council staff for their response when flooding occurs. He said there had been plans to build an embankment to deal with the issue but Colr Ryan said he didn’t believe this would alleviate the pronblem.