Residents fear ‘summer of discontent’

Rubbish set on fire near Grafton Street. (2904PG10)
Rubbish set on fire near Grafton Street. (2904PG10)

RESIDENTS of Derry’s Grafton Street and Nassau Street have said they are living in fear of drinkers who have taken to holding all night drinking sessions close to their home.

Several residents contacted the ‘Sunday’ to say they have been kept awake several nights this week when large groups have gathered at the green area between Nassau Street and the Glen for lengthy drinking sessions.

“We had this last summer,” one resident said. “As soon as the good weather started they started using the green as a place to sit drinking into the wee small hours.”

The residents said the drinkers varied in age - from teenagers to adults - but seemed to have “no respect whatsover” for the people living close by.

“A lot of the residents here are elderly and vulnerable. The bungalows at the top of Grafton Street house pensioners.

“They don’t need this kind of upset or to feel they are living in fear.”

Another resident said she had left her home on Thursday morning of this week to be greeted by the acrid smell of burning plastic.

“They are burning wheelie bins out to keep warm. It’s madness - and they don’t care who they annoy.”

The woman added that she had walked to the top of the street to investigate the burning and saw a man who had been one of the all night revellers defecate in the grass.

“It’s just revolting. We can’t face another summer like this - but it seems to come with the good weather.

“All the residents here want is to be able to live in peace and not have to deal with sights, sounds and hehaviour like this.