Residents say building work is a “nightmare”

Creggan resident Michael Harkin. (0710PG24)
Creggan resident Michael Harkin. (0710PG24)

Creggan residents have blocked the entrance to a construction site for 120 social houses.

The residents of Circular Road say heavy traffic using the access to the site in recent days has made their lives “a living nightmare”.

Leading the blockade on Wednesday, Michael Harkin, who owns a home at 92 Circular Road, said that the number of vehicles including lorries, vans and cars belonging to workers at the site had trapped him in his own property.

“There were 10 to 15 lorries queued up outside my home yesterday.

“My mother who is 83 years old couldn’t get out of her house because of all the vans and cars parked in the way. On top of that there is muck and dirt everywhere, it’s a living nightmare for us.”

He added: “Apex bought the three houses alongside me three years ago and they have been left empty since - I have had to endure all kinds of anti-social behaviour there at night, shouting and roaring and violence.”

He said he protested in the past at the opening of the site behind his home because it did not have an “approved access road”.

“Six weeks ago Apex gave me a letter saying they would open a road and keep the place clear for residents. They haven’t honoured that agreement and that’s why I’m doing this. You cannot park your car or get a taxi. We will continue protesting as long as it takes.”

Resident Gerard Gibbon added that the disruption has become unbearable.”My mother had to go to hospital and she had to park her car outside the square. She could not get out. It is a nightmare”, he said.