Residents to sue Council

A group of furious St Johnston residents who claim they’ve the worst road in Ireland vow they’ll take Donegal County Council to court unless they fill in their 300 plus potholes.

Angry residents in the Drumatoland area say they’re fed up of their pleas for help falling on deaf ears.

Despite paying development charges to the tune of thousands of euro, they say they feel they’ve been ‘abandoned and seriously let down by the council’.

A spokesperson for the group says the roads are an ‘accident waiting to happen’ and fears somebody could be seriously injured or even killed unless the crater problem that’s plaguing their roads is addressed.

He said because of the size of the holes - some measuring 12 inches deep - he fears it will only be a matter of time before a car goes off the road, or someone falls over and hits their head, killing themselves.

And it’s costing residents a fortune.

The spokesman said he’s already had to shell out nearly 2,000 euro to mend his and his his wife’s cars that have been badly damaged as a result of the road.

He told the Journal: “I have spent 1,800 euro since January getting my cars replaced. In the one car I’ve had to replace springs, shocks, bushings and bearings and all the mechanics I’ve seen have told me it’s because of driving on pot-hole ridden roads.

“And in my wife’s car I’ve had to replace shocks and two tyres. We have spent a fortune getting our cars fixed but we’re not alone. I know of another person whose base on her BMW was destroyed and that cost a lot to fix.

“And another resident pulled off their exhaust.

“Thank God nobody has been injured because of the road conditions, but there’s nothing to stop a car bouncing off the road or for someone to fall over breaking an ankle or leg or even worse.

“The residents here are really angry and it’s having a huge effect on our quality of life.

“We feel like prisoners in our own home.

“We can’t go out walking anymore because it’s too dangerous, mums can’t push their pushchairs and children can’t play on their bikes.”

He said he, and a number of other residents, have informed Donegal County Council about the problem and have requested representatives meet with them - to no avail.

He’s also contacted the Stranorlar electoral area councillors but hasn’t heard back from them.

The residents claim their area falls in to ‘limbo and no one wants us’.

The spokesperson said: “Nobody is bothered about us here. Stranorlar Rural area doesn’t care and neither does Inishowen electoral area - because we’re not in Inishowen.

“We just feel deeply let down because no one has had the decency to come and look at our problem.”

The group say unless Donegal County Council take action soon they’ll be consulting their solicitors and taking the council to court.