Residents urged to be vigilant after burglaries reported

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A number of creeper burglaries have been reported in the Hatmore Park and Kylemore Park areas.

One of the residents contacted the ‘Journal’ directly, after it transpired that the area had been targeted once again.

Speaking to the ‘Journal’, they said, “On Sunday Morning I was greeted by an upset neighbour at my door who explained that her purse and other items where stolen from her car parked overnight on the driveway in Hatmore.

“I am disgusted to learn that yet again this type of behaviour is taking place in our area and is being encouraged by the fact that there is an open lane at the bottom of the street which was used as the escape route for the thieves.

“I know that great work has started by Councillor Michael Cooper to get these lanes gated and closed off which I and other residents would welcome greatly, but in my opinion this process is too slow. We need the gates immediately in order to engineer out this anti-social and criminal behaviour in our area. I am a great believer that this will help immensely.”

Sinn Féin Councillor Mickey Cooper said, “Several residents from Hatmore contacted me at the weekend concerned that a number of individuals were seen trying to open car doors and also back doors of houses. In one incident a sum of money was taken from a car.

“I know a description of those believed to have been involved in these incidents has been passed to the police and I would urge anyone else out there with information to bring it forward.

“As regards the appeal for gates, this is a long process and requires an evidence based approach. We can only apply for a gating order if a certain number of incidents are logged so I would urge residents to contact the PSNI whenever they have concerns. Once the gating order is in place, only then can we apply for funding.”

A spokesperson for the PSNI said, “Creeper burglaries are incidents in which criminals gain access to a house while the residents are at home in order to steal valuables.

“On a general note, it is always good practice to ensure all houses doors and windows are closed and locked at night. Car keys are a frequent target for burglar, and should be kept out of sight when not in use.

“We also encourage car owners to remove all valuables and lock their vehicles before going to bed at night.”