Reunion for Oakfield and Marlborough residents

Past and present residents of Marlborough and Oakfield are getting ready to relive some of their most loved memories of living side by side at a special reunion event to be held tonight.

Organiser Brigitta Duffy said she is keen to rally together as many of her former neighbours as possible - and anyone who lived in the area from the 1950s onwards is welcome to attend.

She said she has nothing but happy memories of her childhood - describing that area of the city as “a little different” from other areas.

“It was such a mixed area. Everyone just lived side by and got on with things. We lived our own lives and we had wonderful neighbours.

“It was only when the troubles started to get to their worst that we started to see people move away - but for the most part they were very happy times.

“Everyone was treated the same - we were very lucky.”

Brigitta is hoping many residents will bring along whatever old photographs they may have from the Marlborough/ Oakfield area at that time so that they can relive their memories together.

The reunion will take place tonight at DaVincis and tickets are £20 which will include a meal and a disco.

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