Rinmore residents ‘have had enough’ - Colr.

Kevin Campbell.
Kevin Campbell.

The Housing Executive have confirmed that a window replacement scheme for Rinmore Drive will now not take place until 2017-18 at the earliest.

A H.E. spokeswoman was responding to calls from Sinn Féin Councillor Kevin Campbell for clarification. He said: “I have been informed that the Window Replacement Scheme, which was to happen in 2016, may possibly be put back for another year. If this is true, then this is totally unacceptable.

“I was assured that the scheme would happen this year. The windows in Rinmore Drive are wooden framed and, since they were installed, there has been nothing but complaints from the residents. Some householders experience serious draughts blowing through the window frames, leaving the homes freezing during the winter ,and, in some cases, there are serious leaks with rain water causing mould on the inside window frames, leading to damp.”

The Housing Executive spokeswoman said: “It was the Housing Executive’s intention to include the Rinmore Drive properties in one of the schemes in the new double glazing contract, which is in the process of being procured. However, this was not possible. The need for window replacement for these properties will now be considered as part of the new Investment Plan currently being prepared for our programme from 2017/18 forwards. We’ve undertaken preparatory work in Rinmore which has included thermal imaging of properties. We’re currently in the process of appointing a specialist damp consultant to survey the properties.”