Rioting in Creggan: Video footage from rioting in Creggan Heights last night

This video footage shows tensions at high level in Creggan last night. A security operation is ongoing following a dissident bomb attack on the PSNI on Sunday night and three teenage males aged between 13-16 remain in custody on suspicion of public order offences following last nights incident. A number of people evacuated yesterday remain out of their homes.

Police say they came under attack from a large number of youths throwing bottles and stones during the operation last night. A number of petrol bombs were also thrown at police.

Area Commander Chief Inspector Tony Callaghan said: “We would appeal to people with influence in the community to do what they can to dissuade young people from getting involved in this type of behaviour.”

However, local Councillor Gary Donnelly said on facebook that there was “palpable anger” in Creggan last night and accussed the PSNI of heavy handed tactics. He claimed: “A local shop owner was trailed out of his shop and forced to close and another resident threatened with arrest for parking his car outside his house.”

Chief Inspector Tony Callaghan said: “We realise the disruption this operation has caused to the local community, many of whom have been out of their homes for some time. We appreciate their understanding, patience and co-operation. We know people understand that our priority must be their safety and the safety of our officers. “Police would again like to thank the community for their patience while we work to identify the persons who have caused this disruption in their community. We are determined to put these people before the courts.”