‘Ritual violence has no political basis

The “reckless ritual” violence on Derry’s streets and throughout the North are not based on any political grievance, SDLP MLA Colum Eastwood has said.

The SDLP OFMDFM committee member believes the “scourge of sectarianism” remains one of the final hurdles for the political institutions in the delivery of peace. ‘The last number of nights have borne testament to the realities of sectarianism which are still corrosive within our communities. Many of the disturbances which occurred in the last number of days have their foundation in a reckless ritual rather than within any substantive political grievance.” Mr Eastwood called on OFMDFM to ensure the ‘Cohesion, Sharing and Integration’ document, due to be released in the autumn, is radically altered to ensure that a systematic approach to sharing and integration is engrained “within both our politics and our society”.