RiverRidge gives Limavady student '˜the best day of his life'

Christmas arrived early for one Limavady school pupil, when his interest for bin lorries saw Santa arrive at his school in a RiverRidge bin lorry.

Tuesday, 20th December 2016, 1:40 pm
Updated Thursday, 29th December 2016, 3:12 pm
Christmas arrived early for Limavady school pupil, Ethan Hood, when his interest for bin lorries saw Santa arrive at Rossmar Special School, in a RiverRidge bin lorry. Pictured (left to right) Santa Claus, Clare Madden, Ethan Hood and Santas Elf.

RiverRidge first met Ethan Hood, who attends Rossmar Special School a few weeks ago, when he and his teacher, Clare Madden, were walking back to school. Aware of Ethan’s fascination for bin lorries, Clare explained and asked the two RiverRidge employees if they wouldn’t mind stopping at the school gate for Ethan to have a closer look as he was fascinated with all things recycling, particularly bn lorries.

Ms Madden said: “There are no words to accurately describe how grateful I am to Paul Douglas and Ryan Logue of RiverRidge for taking the time to stop with us. When Ethan and I were walking back to school, his face lit up immediately when he spotted the RiverRidge bin lorry in the distance.

“The guys were kind enough to stop the lorry for Ethan and let him take a closer look, he even got the chance to sit in the lorry and received a nice wooly RiverRidge hat. After all the fun, Ethan told me it was the best day of his life. It was an emotional moment, to see the excitement on Ethan’s face and for the guys to take the time to make Ethan’s day.”

The entire school joined in on the fun. Arrangements were made for Santa to arrive at Rossmar School in a RiverRidge bin lorry. Ethan and all his fellow class mates were more than delighted to see Santa arrive with a sack full of gifts and one extra special gift for Ethan, his very own toy bin lorry.

Tony Kirkpatrick of RiverRidge said they were “especially proud” of employees, Ryan and Paul, for letting Ethan have the experience, “especially when it means so much to him”. “On this occasion we were only too happy to bring some extra Christmas cheer to Ethan and all his friends at Rossmar Special School. Happy Christmas Ethan,” he added.