Motorists inconvenienced by the closure of a large section of the Birdstown Road, which connects Burnfoot to Muff/Moville are highly unlikely to be amused by the news that the road is to remain closed for another three weeks.

Local representative Jack Murray said he was ‘aware’ that the ongoing road closure was causing problems but said it was a ‘necessary inconvenience’

Councillor Murray told the ‘Journal:”I know local people are annoyed by the ongoing disruption but this is a major project. This is not just road works, it’s a water works project. Two pipes are being laid.

“This means that there is a lot of digging to be done as the pipes have to be laid pretty deep.

“The council are to be praised for going ahead with this but it’s one of those cases where you sort of have to break eggs to make an omelette.

“The end result will be good news for the community.”

The councillor said that the project had been undertaken because in recent years there had been so many disruptions to the water service in the area because of ‘bursts and leaks’ that major repair works were deemed necessary.

His comments come after this newspaper was contacted by an irate local, who asked not to be named, who said the project had been ongoing for months but seemed no closer to completion.

She said: “I don’t know what it is about Donegal Co. Council but everything seems to take twice as long as it does across the Border in Derry. How long does it take to lay a couple of pipes? I have to use this road at least ten/twelve times a week to visit members of my family and at this stage I’m totally fed up.

“It might seem petty but believe me it’s not; it’s a major incovenience. For months now there are diggers on the road. Getting in and out is a royal pain, and why does it take months to do even the most minor repairs?.”

The road has been closed to all but local traffic from early September in order to, explained a spokesperson for Donegal County Council, ‘facilitate the laying of a new double watermain which will allow for water from the Pollen Dam to supply the local Birdstown Water supply network.”

Traffic travelling between Moville and Burnfoot must travel via Bridgend in the interim.

The spokesperson also confirmed: “This is a major capital works project and it is expected that this road will remain closed until the end of November.”