'Roaring Meg' comes back home

The most famous cannon on Derry's historic walls - Roaring Meg - is back in its original place on the Double Bastion after undergoing extensive restoration.

Roaring Meg, named because of its ferocious sound in battle, was used during the Siege of Derry. One account of the famous cannon from the time of the Siege in the Seventeenth Century said: "The noise of its discharge was more terrifying than the contents of the charge to the enemy."

The barrel of the cannon bears the inscription 'Fishmongers London 1642,' marking the fact that the cannon was one of 24 cannon sent to the Derry by the City of London and the London Companies after the 1641 siege.

Prior to moving to its original place on the Double Bastion on the West Wall, the cannon was on display alongside other cannon from the siege era in Guildhall Square.

A spokesperson for Derry City Council said: "Roaring Meg was returned to its position on the Double Bastion. It had previously been on display in Guildhall Square after its restoration. The five remaining cannon in Guildhall Square will remain on display for the remainder of the tourist season."