Rockmills security concerns near a ‘sustainable solution’

The Rockmills complex, Strand Road, Derry. DER0715MC050
The Rockmills complex, Strand Road, Derry. DER0715MC050

The PSNI met with Oaklee Trinity Housing Association in the Rockmills housing complex to discuss ongoing security concerns.

In recent months residents living in Rockmills contacted the ‘Journal’ to discuss some of the problems they were experiencing.

One resident told the ‘Journal’ that his home had been broken into and money had been taken. Another resident reported anti-social behaviour and a lack of security on site.

Sinn Fein Councillor, Mickey Cooper, made contact with Oaklee Trinity Housing Association and recently he attended a meeting in the complex between residents, the PSNI and Oaklee Trinity Housing Association.

“Over the last few months a number of residents had raised issues of concern about incidents taking place within the Rockmills complex on the Strand Road. I subsequently raised these issues with Oaklee and the PSNI,” said Colr. Cooper.

“I am pleased that an onsite meeting has taken place between the PSNI and Oaklee to address ongoing issues and implement a sustainable solution. A report is now being compiled by the police with recommendations to be forwarded to Oaklee regarding access control and other security issues such as CCTV. This will tie into a major refurbishment programme which Oaklee are about to roll out within the complex,” added Colr. Cooper.

“Going forward I would urge any residents who still have issues to contact myself, Oaklee or the PSNI so we can collectively resolve any outstanding complaints.”