Roddy's role in city recognised at Chamber of Commerce dinner

Jim Roddy has been presented with the Londonderry Chamber of Commerce's annual award for outstanding contribution to civic society.

Saturday, 22nd October 2016, 7:18 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 6:52 pm
Jim Roddy at the Chamber dinner.

The award was presented at the Chamber’s annual President’s Dinner which was staged in Derry’s White Horse Hotel on Friday evening.

The citation recognised Jim Roddy’s key role in cementing peace and reconciliation across Northern Ireland.

“It is the often thankless and unseen work that Jim does that we celebrate,” said the citation.

“Living in a divided community there is always potential to create division and friction, Jim has for many years worked quietly and tirelessly to listen, mediate and negotiate an understanding between individuals, communities, bands and loyal Orange Orders to bring about a resolution, tolerance and acceptance of each other’s culture.

“It is widely recognised that Jim believes strongly in partnerships whereby people come together building sustainable relations and work towards a unity of purpose. He is the fixer, not only from a community perspective, but would also be the ‘go to person’ to facilitate connections for the PSNI, statutory agencies, political parties, and indeed both governments on this island.

“Just last month, the three-year dispute at Twaddell Avenue in Belfast came to a negotiated conclusion.

“It was the long, protracted and often fraught hard work of many in the community that brought closure to this dispute. However, it was the delicate work of facilitation and negotiation by both Jim Roddy and Rev Harold Good that were fundamental to the positive resolution.”

Mr. Roddy, a former Derry City Football Club Chief Executive, was awarded an MBE by the Queen of England for his services to business and to the community in Derry.