Roe Valley students volunteer awards

Students throughout the Roe Valley have been recognised for their commitment to volunteering.

Sunday marks the end of Student Volunteering Week, which provided the opportunity to recognise the contributions made by young people across the North to the lives of individuals, their community or the local environment.

“Volunteers are critical to the running of many organisations throughout the Limavady Borough council area and we at the Limavady Volunteer Centre (LCDI) would like to say a big thank you to those individuals who have given their time freely in order to make a difference,” said a spokesperson.

“Student Volunteering Week 2012 celebrates the size and diversity of this contribution, as well as encouraging and supporting students and organisations to get involved in voluntary work. Student volunteers make an important contribution to the work of voluntary organisations ranging from small community groups to national charities, as well as to public sector bodies such as our schools and hospitals.

“This week many of our local students were presented with Millennium Volunteer Awards to recognise their commitment to volunteering. Students work towards this nationally recognised award by achieving 50, 100 or 200 hours of voluntary work within one year.”