‘Royal baby is not the second coming’ - AWE

Eamon Melaugh, LS33-560MT.
Eamon Melaugh, LS33-560MT.
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A Derry charity worker has criticised media coverage of the birth of the Royal baby as similar to what could be expected of the ‘second coming’.

Eamon Melaugh of Action With Effect (AWE) said the press had “created an atmosphere which almost equals the birth of Jesus.”

He said: “The newest member of the privileged royal family will enjoy every social and economic advantage. The world media is complicit in creating an atmosphere that suggests the arrival of this baby almost equals the birth of Jesus.

“I firmly believe that any child, is the most beautiful thing in all of the cosmos and we should display appropriate gratitude but contrast this coverage to that of destitution in the third world.

“Many children there will never see their fifth birthday; death from starvation, malnutrition disease and neglect claims some 28,000 destitute children every day. Those who survive beyond their fifth birthday will live a life of misery. While the new royal will live a life of extravagant luxury, the children of the destitute will never attend school, never wear decent clothing, nor celebrate a birthday with a party or presents. They will be denied access to clean safe drinking water and won’t have access to a toilet.

“Which is the real story? There has been a Tsunami of idol fascination displayed by the global media.”

Mr. Melaugh, who has worked extensively to improve the lives of destitute children in India, ‘celebrated’ the arrival of the ‘royal baby’ by purchasing a month’s supply of baby food, clothing and a family food parcel.

Mr. Melaugh said: “All this costs only about £20.

“If there are any others who would care to do the same, please send me a cheque for the amount mentioned, at AWE 028 71271737,” the charity campaigner added.