Ruairi ‘Frostbit’ McSorley immortalised in a tattoo

A photo of the Ruairi 'Frostbit' McSorley tattoo. Photo: Eye Candy Tattoo Studio - Bangor
A photo of the Ruairi 'Frostbit' McSorley tattoo. Photo: Eye Candy Tattoo Studio - Bangor

Derry teenager, Ruairi McSorley, who became world famous last week after a television clip of him commenting on the weather went viral, has been immortalised in a tattoo.

The tattoo of Ruairi McSorley was designed by Eye Candy Tattoo Studio in Bangor.

The owner of the studio, Brian Tipping, told The Derry Journal that the idea to immortalise the Park teenager in a tattoo came up in casual conversation.

“I can’t remember who said it but someone said it would be a good idea to get a tattoo of Ruairi McSorley with the famous ‘frostbit’ line so one of my regulars said he was up for it.

“I designed and carried out the tattoo on Wednesday. It’s on the back of the fella’s right calf and it’s about the size of a cigarette packet.”

After completing the tattoo, Brian, who has designed tattoos for IBF World Super Bantamweight champion, Carl Frampton, then shared a picture of the Ruairi McSorley on the Eye Candy Tattoo Studio Facebook page.

“I can’t believe the feedback. Most people have seen the funny side to it but some people think the fella who got the tattoo is an eejit.

“Ruairi McSorley even commented on it on Facebook on Wednesday night and I think he wants to meet up with the fella who got the tattoo.”

The Lumen Christi student who is from Park just outside Derry city, appeared on UTV last week and when quizzed on what he thought of the severe weather, he quipped “Oh God you wouldn’t be long getting frostbit”.

As a result of social media the clip of Ruairi speaking went worldwide and was watched in America, Japan, South Africa and Russia.