Sad end for injured cormorant

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There was sadness in Strathfoyle when efforts to save an injured cormorant that had become trapped in the grounds of a local nursery unfortunately proved unsuccessful.

Paul Hughes, from the Enagh Youth Forum, said he was alerted to the presence of the water bird by a local resident who had noticed it taking shelter in the grounds of the school.

Mr. Hughes was concerned the cormorant - also sometimes referred to colloquially as a ‘black diver’ in the Derry area - would fall prey to a domestic pet such as a cat.

Young people at Enagh Youth Forum made contact with the Ulster Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (USPCA) who provided a voucher code for the bird to receive treatment at a local veterinary clinic.

The forum also enlisted the help of the Foyle Wildlife Rescue group but to no avail. The handsome bird’s injuries were too severe. Fortunately, cormorants remain abundant in the Foyle and one of the least endangered birds in Ireland and Britain.