Salmon die in heat of Foyle poachers’ nets

John McCartney of The Lough's Agency.
John McCartney of The Lough's Agency.

Foyle salmon caught in poacher’s nets are dying in the heat, the Loughs Agency has said.

John McCartney, the director of conservation at the Loughs Agency, said more than 40 fish were found in one day last week.

Mr McCartney said at this time of year he would normally be disappointed to see even one or two fish die in the nets.

“Normally, if you have five or six fish in the net you might get one that dies but the other four or five would be released,” he said.

“Unfortunately, with the high temperatures the fish are so stressed that when they get caught in these poaching nets they’re dying within minutes.”

He said that 44 fish were taken from seven nets seized last week.

“It’s been pretty much every night that we’ve seen that intensity.”

Mr McCartney added that overall fish stock in Irish rivers is currently in sharp decline.