Saoradh claim MI5 approached man

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Saoradh has claimed a Derry business man has been offered financial incentives by MI5 in exchange for information on a local republican.

The party said the man, a long time family friend of a Saoradh member, decided to go public to expose another “failed attempt by British Military Intelligence to try and gather information on local republicans”.

The man claimed that he was twice contaced by an officer claiming to represent the British Security Service.

On the first occasion, the party said, the man received a phone call from a woman claiming to represent MI5 and requested a meeting with the man to discuss a named Saoradh activist.

The businessman rebuffed a request to meet but took another call from what Saoradh described as a “British spy” days later.

During this alleged conversation the man was offered cash incentives to spy on republicans.

According to Saoradh and the local businessman this “agent provocateur claimed British Military Intelligence would cover travel costs, generously pay him a lump sum, and make sure any further business ventures would succeed if he met with them to discuss their republican target”.

Saoradh spokesman, Paddy Gallagher, said: ‘What we have here is another attempted recruitment by shadowy forces of occupation who continue to stalk and harass republicans across the occupied six counties and further afield. These are the type of people pro establishment parties and church leaders put their trust in. We say shame on you.”

The ‘Journal’ put Saoradh’s claims to the British Home Office, to which MI5 is answerable, but no response had been made as the paper went to Press on Thursday.