Saoradh claims ‘Victory for Free Derry’ as veteran march is called off

The veterans' campaigners on a previous march.
The veterans' campaigners on a previous march.

Ireland’s newest political party, Saoradh, has claimed ‘Victory for Free Derry’ after a British Army veterans march scheduled to take place next month was called off.

The republican group, which called a counter-demonstration to coincide with the planned march on March 4, said it was pleased the “glorification parade by ex-Crown Forces personnel” had been called off.

After the Parades’ Commission was notified yesterday that the Justice for Veterans UK group’s application had been been withdrawn the group claimed victory.

“This is a victory for the republican people of Derry, and the decision has been taken for no other reason than Saoradh’s publicly stated intention to mobilise thousands in opposition and confront the grotesque military march. “Yet again, the proud people of this city have rejected the cowardly British Crown Forces en masse,” the group said.

This victory should not deflect from the fact that Crown Forces roam our streets daily, with the vocal approval of Sinn Féin and the SDLP.

“As a revolutionary republican organisation, Saoradh will continue to highlight this and challenge Crown Forces and their apologists at every opportunity, it added.

Saoradh spokesperson Joe Barr commented: “I would like to commend the collective efforts of republican activists in Derry in forcing these British terrorists to withdraw their planned event, a parade that rightly disgusted the vast majority of people in the city.

“Not least, Saoradh, Éistigí and the wider Republican Movement deserve great credit for publicising this shambolic proposal and stating our intent to forcefully and radically confront these people on the streets. It is this, nothing else, that forced these people to stay out of our city”.